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Ear protection matter greatly in regular life whether it is enjoying music in a rock concert or shooting and hunting. So, whether you should wear ear protection for shooting or not is a bigger issue. Following the guide, we will briefly discuss ear protection during shooting.

Despite the guide will help you learn some potential, syndrome and side effects that can occur without wearing ear protection. So let’s learn it!


Do you need to wear ear protection for shooting?

Do you need to wear ear protection for shooting

Most professional shooters don’t walk on the active gun range without wearing ear protection. However, some hunters who use firearms are prone to avoid safety due to hear the sound of the animal. But you should wear ear protection for shooting to keep the ear protected and safe.


The danger of shooting and hunting without wearing ear protection

The danger of shooting and hunting without wearing ear protection

During the hunting season, firearms are used to help up near the face and just one blast can cause your ears to ring. So shooting firearms can damage the ears even if you aren’t personally firing just get in the range of firing. One or two shotguns may feel little but are capable enough to damage hearing.

Usually, a single blast can produce up to 165-decibel levels of noise, while the comfort level of noise is 85. So shooting produces two times more noise than the comfort level which is enough to worry about. I even the noise is louder than a jet engine near 100 feet as it produce only 140dB. Conversely, shooting produces louder noise than loud rock concerts which is around 125dB.

So you ear can’t accept the noise produced by the shotgun during shooting. So shooting a shotgun without ear protection can cause stable hearing damage even with temporary exposure.

Even bird hunters are at extreme risk of hearing loss comparing typical hunters. The reason is they shoot multiple rounds in a single day and joint with the other hunter as well. Though hearing loss isn’t unique for hunters they also deal with the hunter’s ear too.


All about hunter’s ear

It is also known as the shooter’s ear in the hunting circle. It’s the effect of exposing noise from gunshot and uneven hearing loss. The blast facing ear takes the hit from the noise and hearing loss is occur due to the high level of noise. Sometimes it happened instantly and turn worse.

There is an ear shadow on the non-dominant ear and the head buffer here. it also experiences the impact of hearing in, however, isn’t so much as dominant ear. Once the hair cells are affected by noise, they start bending and cause pores in the hair end to open.

It makes an electrical signal that transforms to the brain and is later converted into sound. If the noise-induced hearing loss occurs, the hair cell gets destroy and cant build up and end up with damage.

So exposure to the extreme level of loud noise brings the risk of hearing loss. Though hearing loss is gradual for the most time, it can cause permanent damage if produce by gunshot with extreme level.


Some common symptoms of hearing loss

The symptom of hearing can be visible over time and some can be gradual. Sometimes the loss can be instant. Among lots of symptoms, loud ringing in the ear indicates damage to the ear. Other symptoms are:

  • Inability to hear speaker during a conversation
  • Sound distortion
  • Tinnitus
  • Temporary full hearing loss


Some side effects of hearing loss

Many people think hearing loss is only related to the ears. But it’s a misleading concept as the side effect is huge. Some common side effect is:

  • Cognitive impairment
  • Social issues
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Depression
  • Risk of balance issues, such as trips and falls
  • Isolation


Apart from these, hearing loss brings lots of challenges, some can’t be recognized initially. Thus it is vital to take care of the ear to prevent the further worse issue. Therefore wearing ear protection for shooting is a smart decision.


Effective ways to protect ears during shooting and hunting

Effective ways to protect ears during shooting and hunting

In this modern world, the solution should be simple as wearing ear protection like ear muffs or earplugs. However, they can also cause a problem for the shooter like uncomfortable and inexpediency. But the term is simple; wearing ear protection not only blocks the extreme noise but also the sound of the animal as well. So how could these be effective?


Here are the tips:



Earmuffs are designed to fit the head snugly and prevent the soundest event from the close ranges. Still, if you are worried about your hearing, these can be the effective and easiest solution.



If you don’t enjoy the closeness of earmuff, earplugs can be the right choice for you. These fit a bit tight and are able to impact everything from mentality to forms. Comes in smaller and sender appearance, people will hardly notice your wearing earplugs.


Active ear protection

Both the two types discussed above are considered passive ear protection. Conversely, Active ear protection is different as it can determine the safe noise and let it pass into the ear canal. Thus hunter can continue their task of precise hearing the telltale sound without worried about hearing loss. Active earplugs are electronic and become the go-to choice among shooters and hunters who want a perfect balance between health and art.


Final words

Hopefully, you have learned where you need to wear ear protection for shooting or not. Since it’s a regular task, wear ear protection can greatly save your ear as well as health and prepare you for the next days.

Despite ear protection comes in a stylish look, so it can boost your outlook as well. For the best advice, consult with your qualified and certified audiologist to maintain hearing and prevent damage.

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