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A fancy device not only invokes curiosity but desire. Ear protection headphones it such a good example. In this guide, we will discuss some crucial tips on why Ear protection headphones are worthy of investment. But, what about protection against hearing loss?

It works but depending on the situation. However Modern technology made our daily life easy but made the environment very noisy. It brings a huge amount of sources that produce noise constantly and cause hearing loss in the long term.

However, everybody familiar with this topic but the problem is people aren’t quite aware of it. Luckily it is a modern technology that once again discovered a device that helps prevent this common problem.

An ear protection headphone broadly available out there, however, it’s a bit hard to find out. We will discuss this topic some other day. Let’s check out what the benefits usually offer an ear protection headphone.


Advantage of ear protection headphone

Advantage of ear protection headphone

Recent research on the people of the United States found that around 12.5% of children (6 to 19 years old) and 17% of adults (20 to 69 years old) suffering permanent damage just because of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). It is caused by contact with rich pitch sounds that people every day experienced. The people who work on aircraft go through this situation daily. Thus they are affected by hearing loss.

Likewise, working in a factory or motor garage, railways put people at risk of hearing loss. This is where ear protection headphones do their job. These gadgets are a blessing for these people as help prevent hearing loss and allow them to work safely.


What are ear protection headphones?


They are usually categorized into two types:


Passive Noise Cancelling

This ear protection headphone down needs any power source to run. It depends on the material that they are constructed from, such as thick padding. It is also known as ear muffs that allow connecting with media playing devices. However, they do a good job to enjoy music but can’t significantly bock noise.


Active Noise Cancelling

It makes sound waves that are 180 degrees out of phase and prevent noise. For example, in the aircraft, this type of headphone will make sound waves that are 180 degrees out of phase with the jet engine sound waves. The key advantage of getting this device is you can enjoy music at low volumes where the usual volume can help you enjoy.


Hearing protection in-ear protection headphones

Hearing protection in-ear protection headphones

As we mentioned earlier, ear protection headphones can provide you with Hearing protection Headphones but they rely on the situation. The passive ear headphone will protect you in most situations while the active one won’t handle every situation.

Passive ear headphone is work like soundproofing. These will physically block sound. However, they come with a heavier design and feel discomfort after wearing for a long time. It’s a good option to block noise that comes from gunshots and firecrackers.

Conversely, Active noise-canceling headphones need some time to be set before they start their job. It measures the sound waves that come from external noises to create another one that is 180 degrees out of phase.
So these are mostly used in airplanes to prevent constant level engine noise. However, it won’t work well with gunshots and firecrackers as it doesn’t work immediately.


So does ear protection headphones works?

Firstly, it5 depend on the type which one you are using, is it active or passive noise-canceling headphone.
Passive type headphones are good for the airline as they provide overall hearing protection. However, these are effective on mid and high-frequency sound waves, but can’t do their job with low-frequency sound waves.

Active noise-canceling headphones on the other hand are most effective for consistent noises. It fits with the situation where battery power is sufficient and cancels the effect of ambient noise.

They can’t effectively deal with both high pitch noises and unexpected transient noises. But they are mostly recommended for low frequencies that come from engines, generators, appliances, etc.

At the same time, it’s a good option for listening to music at low volumes. Besides, it provides enough ear protection. While normal headphones can allow you to enjoy music at low volume in noisy situations and you had to increase the volume. As a result, people cause hearing loss.


Which ones are better?

Before considering the type of ear protection headphones you have to consider several things including, your preferences, the noise type, and the time.

If you are a traveler then active noise-canceling headphones will be the right option for you. Conversely, passive ones are ideal for use in shooting ranges, marketplaces. In short where encounter high pitch noises.


Ear Muffs vs Passive Noise Cancelling Headphones

Ear Muffs vs Passive Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you consider the hearing protection perspective, both are performing well. At the same time, both provide enough protection against high-frequency noises for example babies crying and people talking. Moreover any of them cant perform great for low-frequency and engine noises. So just for noise isolation ear muffs will be a better option to go for rather than expensive passive noise-canceling headphones.


Does Active Noise Cancelling Headphones disturb Sound Quality?

Theoretically, they do. Plus, many people have complained against this headphone about degradation in quality. For this reason, most experts recommend passive noise-canceling headphones.

On the other hand, a High level of accuracy and power source is essential to have quality sound. Active ones come with the usual type of battery power thus it compromises the sound quality.

Even the technology and that method that active noise-canceling headphones follow create a degradation of quality.


Are ear protection headphones Safe?

Ear protection headphone, whatever the type is not the same as microwave ovens or mobile phones. It doesn’t produce low-level radiations. So it won’t cause you until you play music at high volume.


Final Thoughts

Hope now you clear is ear protection headphones protect hearing or not. From a viewpoint of an avid listener of music ear protection headphones is quite a good option. They not only help enjoy music in any situation but greatly prevents hearing loss.

However the best suggestion is to avoid noise pollution but if you can, at least take protection to prevent it getting worse. Finally, an ear muffin will be the best option to go for as it is most effective and won’t cost much.

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