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Whether you have planned to spend some time at the shooting range or hunting throughout the year, be prepared for its consequences. Without enough planning and protection, you can cause ear ringing after shooting. In most cases, you may recover within weeks, but don’t put your risk of permanent hearing loss.

That’s why we create this article to aware of ear ringing after shooting, its effects, and tips to avoid.


What are the Ears ringing after the shooting?

What are the Ears ringing after the shooting

Have you ever heard ringing in the ears after taking a perfect shot? Firearms can be highly loud and these noises severely impact the ears. A gunshot right beside the ear creates a sound wave that delivers lots of pressure on the eardrum. Your ear can’t handle this sound pressure and its fluid-filled inner ear gets a large shock.

After shooting, some shooters experience all the sounds around them are muffled while you have a hard time hearing. It means you are experiencing a temporary hearing loss. However, your ear will return to normal within a few minutes if you have luck. But if your ear exposes to extremely loud sounds, you can cause permanent hearing loss.


Potential risk: Hearing Loss

The gunshot is extremely loud at its close range. In fact, a single shot can damage your hearing permanently. Ear ringing after shooting that doesn’t go away is called permanent tinnitus. If the cell in your ear gets damaged these won’t go back, resulting in permanent hearing loss.


How to prevent ear ringing after shooting


Understand Decibels

Sometimes it’s difficult to know if the sounds are loud enough to cause you hearing loss. Remember, sound over 85 decibels can cause hearing loss. Some extremely noisy appliances are lawnmowers and chainsaws that can produce around 90 dB and 110dB.

Even a .22-caliber rifle can produce 140 dB while a deer rifle is capable of producing 175 dB! At this range, one-shot will be good enough to cause you hearing loss. Despite, shooting in the afternoon can be noisier than other times of the day.


Wear ear Protection

Thus it’s crucial to protect the hearing. If you are at the shooting range or in the field, wear hearing protection. You can also wear earmuffs at the shooting range to block the sound out. Earmuffs will create a seal around your whole ear and protect them from the sound from your gun as well as others.


Hearing Protection for a shooter

Hearing Protection for a shooter

At the shooting range, some shooters don’t prefer ear muffs. In general, earmuffs can soften lots of sounds around the shooter. Thus it can be difficult to hear soft sounds. It’s crucial especially if you are tracking a deer.

Special hunters hearing protection can come in handy in this situation. a digital hearing aid can let you sense the sound surroundings and they don’t block safe sounds. Thus you can hear the soft sound around you and even talk to a nearer person without taking out the earplugs.

While you will fire a shot, this advanced hearing protection will sense the loud noise and block the sound waves instantly before your ear gets damaged. This device will also protect your ear from your friend’s fire other extreme noise around you.


Hearing Aids for a shooter

If you are worried about hearing loss, visit a doctor for a hearing test. They can also suggest a hearing aid that is handy for hunters. Even they will help you get the right hearing protection to protect your ear during hunting season.


Right type protective gear for shooting

Right type protective gear for shooting

Every sport requires protective gear even if it is shooting. Following are a few types of hearing protection that can save your ear depending on the environment.


Range shooting

Gunfire happens quickly and continuously pace especially indoors where noise is more concentrated. That’s why wearing a pair of earmuffs over your foam earplugs can ensure the best protection to your ears against hearing loss.

While special earmuffs are commonly available at both local sporting goods stores and online, you will find foam earplugs at the drugstore at an affordable cost. Make sure that hearing protection fits comfortably so you don’t feel any difficulty during raking off.


Competitive skeet

The shooter needs to look around constantly to search for the target in this outdoor setting. So wearing ear muffs won’t be conducive here.

Instead, the skeet shooter should use a pair of custom-molded earplugs to block all the sound around that may be created by rapid-fire. Some audiologists also recommend this device as a reliable source. Lots of brands produce this device and finding the best custom-molded earplugs online won’t be a difficult job.



Sometimes it’s crucial to gear the surroundings especially when you are hunting. Wearing ear protection that blocks the entire sound won’t be handy in this situation. For hunting, you should wear special digital hearing protection that can suppress the gunfire when you pull the trigger. Some models are designed to improve all frequencies of hearing while containing trigger noise suppression.




How to stop ear ringing fast?

Firstly, wear hearing protection and avoid the noisy area. Exposure to a noisy area can damage your nerves and cause tinnitus. While enjoying music or TV, turn down the volume and try to use white noise. Some people believe that limiting drinking alcohol and caffeine is also helpful to avoid ear ringing.


Can gunshots cause tinnitus?

Tinnitus can cause by an extremely loud noise from explosions or gunshots. These can break the eardrum and damager the bones in your ear. So exposure to loud noise can cause your ear to ring, roar, or buzz in the ears.


Final words

Don’t take a risk when it comes to exposure to extreme noise. Ears are sensitive and you don’t need to break the bank to buy hearing protection. Even, ear ringing after shooting can cause a couple of weeks or even permanent suffering. So it’s wise to buy hearing protection and enjoy the shooting or hunting safely yet perfectly.

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