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Attending concerts without ear protection can damage your ear’s delicate structures. So experiencing Ears Ringing After Concert can be caused easily but ignoring it can damage your ear permanently. However applying some home remedies, you can overcome easily and prevent further damage.

following we have mentioned some effective home remedies and tips to prevent ear ringing to let you ear normally once again.


How does ear ringing noise occur?

How does ear ringing noise occur

Loud noise can damage the little hair cells inside of the ear. These hair cells vibrate continuously in response to noise and deliver the message to the brain. If gets destroyed, the cells won’t grow back.

Scientists believe that the damaged cells deliver misconstrued signals to the brain and lead the brain to make up a sound. Therefore people experience hears ringing after the concert and even in a silent room.

Some live concerts are extremely loud and over 85 dB sound can cause hearing loss. Typically the volume of normal conversation is around 60dB and heavy city traffic can produce about 85 dB. But the concert can produce over 85dB noise.

Though after hearing an average concert, a person can experience signs that can last for a few hours, listening live concert regularly can cause him tinnitus for long periods. And it can be enduring if the person doesn’t get proper treatment.


Five home remedies to prevent ear ringing

Plenty of steps you can take to ease ear ringing and the most effective ways are:
Reduce exposure to loud sounds

Though your ear can easily recover from damage, it’s better to keep away from loud noise if experiencing tinnitus. It means talking quietly, avoiding loud events or bars. Even you should start watching TV or listening to the radio at lower volumes than earlier to help the ear recover quickly.



Some people experience ear ringing when there is no sound to challenge it. In this case, you can engage yourself in a podcast or listen to soft music to distract your ears from ringing.

Yoga and meditation are also effective solutions to remove the focus of the ringing. These practices will reduce the stress to recover from tinnitus.


White noise

If you can’t sleep due to ear ringing, hearing some soft white noise can help the brain to divert from focusing on the sound and offer you quality sleep.

The gum of your room fan can also allow you to sleep avoiding ear ringing. Other alternatives are static from a television or ocean waves.


Head tapping

  • Another effective way to eliminate Ears Ringing After Concert is head tapping. The steps are:
  • Put palms over your ears and rest the fingers at the bottom of the skull in the backside of the head.
  • Then rise your index fingers up and tap the back of the head keeping the ears cover using palms. You should
  • hear a sound similar to the tap of a drum inside the head.
  • Keep tapping the head gently around 50 times.
  • Apply this method couple of times every day to relieve.


Reducing caffeine and alcohol

People whose ears rang after concert often suggested avoiding drinking alcohol and caffeine by a doctor. Though there haven’t large numbers or scientific evidence to support this claim, still this practice can reduce the symptoms.


When to visit a doctor

If the ears are still ringing after a day or so, you should talk to the doctor. A thing can happen that the concert isn’t the real reason behind this tinnitus.

Lots of things can influence ear ringing and the doctor will check all the potentials to find out the main culprits. The doctor may also physically test the ear canal.

Sometimes a foreign object or excess earwax gets stuck inside the ear and causes tinnitus. Your doctor can also look for the symptoms of an ear infection and ask you about your stress level and some medications.

In case you are suffering from chronic tinnitus, the doctor will suggest you use hearing devices or medication to ease the signs.


How to prevent ear ringing

Ears ringing after the concert are signs of gearing damage and it can be permanent. So you must take preventative measures to avoid noises related to hearing loss.



You can buy foam earplugs from any pharmacies or grocery stores, and even from some music venues. Some brands also produce custom earplugs that reduce the loudness of the sound of a concert so you can enjoy the quality sound without affecting it. In an emergency situation, gently position a clean paper napkin (that is balled up) in your outer ear to reduce the loudness of a concert.



While buying a concert, check the speaker placement in the venue. Book a seat further away from the speaker so a lower amount of noise reaches your ears.


Taking breaks

Hearing loud noise continuously increases the risk of tinnitus. So you can take a regular break during a concert and get fresh air to give break to your ears.




How long does the ear ringing last after the concert?

Occasionally exposure to loud noise can cause temporary tinnitus. However its signs cal last from 16 to 48 hours. But in extreme cases, you can experience ear ringing for up to one or two weeks.


How long you may need to get the hearing back after a concert?

You may need from several hours to days to get back the gearing as normal.


Can a concert cause you permanent hearing loss?

Yes, a rock concert can cause you Permanent Hearing Damage. A single exposure to loud noise causes permanent harm to your nerves in the auditory system.



People experiencing Ears Ringing After Concert shouldn’t panic in most cases as the signs will possibly become fade within some hours. While the home remedies will speed up the process, a quick trip to the doctor will help you recover from the causes quite easily.

Despite this, experiencing temporary tinnitus after exposure to loud noise isn’t an immediately concerning issue. Luckily most of the causes of tinnitus are easily preventable whether it is playing music or visiting concerts. So take those steps properly and get rid of ear ringing.

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