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Using earbuds frequently makes them dirty and reduces their sound quality. Earwax, skin oil, and other unsightly things can build up on earbuds and makes them reluctant to be put back in the ears. Luckily cleaning earbuds is extremely easy and following the guide will teach you how to clean earbuds in three simplest and most effective ways.

Even these processes are quite easier to apply, affordable, safer, and quicker, so you can apply them whenever needed.


How to Clean Earbuds – 3 Simple Methods

How to Clean Earbuds


Tools require:

  • Mild liquid detergent or hand soap
  • Clean washcloth
  • Clean, unused toothbrush
  • Warm water
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton swabs
  • Dry towel


Using Toothbrush

Using Toothbrush Clean Earbuds


Unplug the earbuds

A toothbrush is a handy way to clean dried residue and light debris from the earbuds. To start the process, firstly disconnect the earbuds from other devices like smartphones, mp3, or tablets. This’ll protect your device from soap and water and getting ruined. Take your earbuds to the working area.


Collect an unused toothbrush

Find out an unused or dig-up toothbrush or purchase a cheaper one. Clean and dry the toothbrush so you can use it to clean the dirty earbuds properly. The stiffer the bristles on the toothbrush, it’ll be better the cleaning process. Plus, a toothbrush with long and narrow nylon bristles will be a preferable option.


Scrub the earbuds gently

Clean the outer surface of the earbuds using light and circular sweeping motions. Try to clean all the dirt, and dried on earwax and pocket lint with the toothbrush. This process is highly effective for occasionally used headphones. After cleaning your earbuds, it should be free of gunk and ready for use.


Wash the toothbrush

For further use, put the toothbrush in a dishwasher or wash it in warm water. Otherwise, throw it in the garbage.


Using Soap and Water

Using Soap and Water

Prepare a mild soap solution

If there is lots of grime caked on your earbuds, it’ll require deep cleaning. Fill a basin with fresh and warm water and add some drops of mild liquid detergent to it. Now mix the soap and water until it builds a solution.


Wet a washcloth

Collect a clean washcloth and soak it slightly in the soap and dampen it slightly. Remember, it’s a bit tricky to clean electronic devices with water and it can damage the earbuds quickly if used too wet cloth.


Wipe down the earbuds

Wipe the earbuds down using the corner of the washcloth. Carefully contours the sides of the ear opening. Remember, entering the water into the ear opening can damage the earbuds irreparably.


Dry the earbuds

Wipe down the clean earbuds with a dry and clean towel to absorb the existing moisture. Then leave the earbuds in a drafty and well-ventilated space for a minimum of one hour. After drying the earbuds completely, you can start using them again.


Using Rubbing Alcohol


Buy rubbing alcohol

Buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol from a pharmacy or supermarket and make sure it is pure and unscented. It is also a cheap and handy way to disinfect without damaging the essentials.


Dip a cotton swab into the alcohol

Put one end of the cotton swap into the alcohol so it can absorb it. Then tap the cotton swap against the bottle’s side to remove excess alcohol and make it almost dry. Remember, you must use a light coating of alcohol to clean your delicate pair of earbuds.


Clean around the earbuds

Wipe the earbud’s outer plastic surface with the dipped cotton swap. The alcohol will break down the stick-on or dried grime, clear traces of oil, and skin perspiration. Then clean the ear opening carefully.


Part the earbuds with a clean towel

Pat downs the earbuds using a dry and clean towel. This’ll also help evaporate the rest of the alcohol on its own quickly. Now you should have sparkling clean earbuds free of inner ear gunk and bacteria. More importantly, cleaning earbuds with alcohol is a safe and efficient way and you can apply it whenever needed.


Final words

Once you have learned how to clean earbuds, apply your preferable process every couple of weeks. That’ll keep your earbuds away from dirt, bodily secretions, debris, and bacteria and let you enjoy the highest performance out of the earbuds.

Lastly, if your earbud’s covers are removable, clean them separately by using soapy water and finally dry them completely.

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