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For some people, noise-canceling is must have to survive in a loud environment comfortably and protect hearing. But Is Noise Cancelling Harmful For Ears? Is this bring a negative impact on ears and health?

If so, how to preserve your hearing? Following the single post, you’ll get all the answers to your query so you can protect your hearing in the best way avoiding further difficulties.


The basics of noise-canceling headphones 

The basics of Is Noise Cancelling Harmful For Ears

Noise-canceling headphones have a tiny built-in microphone in their earcups that receive sound before the users. Then the headphones process the sound through the noise-canceling circuitry.

This circuitry system notes the amplitude and frequency of the sound and delivers an anti-sound. The latter is combined with original sound and comes out through the headphone speakers. This way headphone cancels the noise and offers desired audio to the listener. That’s why noise-canceling headphones are good for health. Let’s dig in deep!


Is Noise Cancelling Harmful For Ears?


If you work in a noisy environment you may need to deal with the noise consistently which is really struggling. In this situation, using noise-canceling headphones can protect your hearing.

Likewise, the loud noise and exposure to frequency noises for a long time are also risky. Though many people believe that only loud noise can do damage to ears, low-frequency noises are also impactful.

Loud noise damages the hearing by interfering with sleep and increasing stress level. Therefore people suffer from headaches.

Low-level noises are also the same dangerous as loud noises. People who live in or work in noisy place has higher stress hormone level than the people who live or function in a quiet area.

Cortisol which is an enhanced level of stress hormone is related to cholesterol and high blood pressure. These boost the changes of heart diseases. Conversely, Low-level noises increase the risk of hearing loss


Noise increases the level of stress hormones

According to the research published in ASA (Acoustical Society of America), children who live in a noisy environment have higher levels of cortisol than children who live in a quiet environment.

Now, wearing noise-canceling headphones help reduce the risk of increasing the level of stress hormone. At a time these devices protect the user’s hearing and reduce the chances of hearing loss.

The most impressive thing is that canceling headphones can effectively cancel the surrounding noise. Thus the user doesn’t need to increase the volume to enjoy music. However, listening to music at a high volume is one of the top reasons for hearing loss.

To get the best performance from a noise-canceling headphone, make sure it has good padding with ANC. These will ensure both passive and active noise cancellation.


How to preserve hearing?

Remember you should always keep the volume at a moderate level while you listen to headphones. This will largely save you from health risks.

Let’s figure out how the volume level of the headphones. In general, the amount of noise is measured in decibels. The maximum level of noise that is safe for humans is up to 80 dB according to the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Listening to anything over this level can bring a harmful impact on hearing.

General discussion in an office or other gathering is produced at around 60 dB. So you should keep your music volume as same as the casual conversation. Conversely, the noise of speaking parties can reach up to 95 to 100 dB.

Another way to determine the level of noise is to listen to the own body. simply take off the headphones and carefully feel what is going on. If you hear ringing, slightly hissing sound in ear the, or feel other sounds muted and dull, you must lower the level of volume.




What are the side effects of noise-canceling headphones?

side effects of noise-canceling headphones

The most common side effects of noise-canceling headphones are

  • Headaches
  • Jaw pain
  • Ear pressure
  • Dizziness


Do noise-canceling headphones cause tinnitus?

No, using noise-canceling headphones won’t cause your tinnitus. Though many people believe that noise-canceling headphones can cause tinnitus, the fact is that these devices reduce uncomfortable noise levels. This way noise-canceling headphones help avoid developing tinnitus.


Is it worth buying noise-canceling headphones?

Of course, noise-canceling headphones will protect your hearing, lower the environmental distractions and help you enjoy a better audio experience. More importantly, noise-canceling headphones are comfortable to wear and come at a decent style and price.


Final words

So, Is Noise Cancelling Harmful For Ears? Noise-canceling technology doesn’t do anything bad to the ears. Still, you should measure some safety precautions while using noise-canceling headphones.

Instead of using noise-canceling headphones, the alternatives you can follow are: limit the amount of loud noise and use foam earplugs. Remember, hearing loss can cause permanent. And you may need to suffer this damage throughout your life. Therefore ignore the loud environment. If you can, use noise-canceling headphones.

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