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Living in modern technology and experiencing sound pollution is common however it has plenty of side effects. The level of noise determines the amount of effect which can bring worse situation like hearting loss but luckily could be prevent using ear protection. So when should you wear ear protection?

Following the guide, we have listed some key reasons and situations which demand ear protection. Despite learning these syndromes will aware you of facing the worst situation and let continue to duty comfortably.


The reasons you should wear ear protection

The reasons you should wear ear protection

The best way to protect the ear is to avoid an extremely noisy place. Though many people believe hearing can happened along with growing older, the reality is it causes due to exposure frequently to loud noise. Going to a concert, riding a lawnmower, or working on a construction site where the noise exposure extremely can damage the ear permanently.

That’s why hearing protection is mostly recommended that comes in different forms including ear muffs, buds, or custom plugs. Let’s learn some common signs and reason experience means you should wear ear protection:


Wear Ear Protection Work in a loud environment

Whether it is a concert hall, construction site, or driving a motorcycle, wearing ear protection is vital as you are exposing loud noise for most of the day. Despite, if you use a firearm or operate loud machinery, still you should wear ear protection.


If the ear feel uncomfortable in a certain condition

Did you ever feel ear hurt during doing hobbies or just strolling around outside? It could be an ear infection or an initial sign of hearing loss. If you, unfortunately, experience, take care of your ear and start wearing ear protection.


Need to shout to get a massage

If you had to shout to get a massage from colleagues or work more often, you are at risk of hearing loss. Even shouting itself is considered as the dangerously high level of noise. so wear ear protection if you need to shout to communicate at work. Even there is some workplace where need to shout naturally like airport or construction site.

So whether if you are an airport staff need to talk in front of aircraft or operate a loud noise, it would be better if you do the duty wearing ear protection.


Earring during words or daily activities

If you feel the ear ringing after daily activities or return home from outside, the reason could be trauma due to exposing loud noise. However, some extremely loud noises or environments cause temporary hearing loss that may take hours to recover.

It also considered as Tinnitus that is one of the common sign lead to hearing loss permanently. It is extremely annoying and sometimes can be painful. So you should take this Tinnitus seriously especially it happens regularly.


Have To Whisper To Be Heard

If you had to whisper to be heard, then the possibility is the environment around you is a noise that means you need to wear hearing protection. For example, musicians wear special types of earplugs to protect the ear from music while can comfortably continue the communication.


Wear Ear Protection Ask People to Repeat Themselves, Often

If you are going through such a situation, then you are in temporary hearing loss. The people who have abused their ears, need a couple of hours to begin hearing properly again. this kind of person must use ear protection before facing a worse situation. apart from these, you should consult with the doctor as it could be permanent damage as well.

Ear protection isn’t necessary only for people who work in industrial environments. In other loud environments like land mowers, using an extremely loud vehicle can also cause enough injure to the ear, thus start using ear protection to lower the risk.

So go for earplugs, earmuffs, or other types of ear protection based on your requirement and working place. Consulting a hearing health professional can be a good idea for having the best advice. More importantly, test the sound of the work area to determine how risky the workplace is. In case if it is over 85 decibels, don’t join the duty without wearing ear protection.




At what point do you need hearing protection?

At what point do you need hearing protection

If the environment or workplace produces 85 decibels of sound and you have to spend around 8 hours regularly, you need hearing protection. Otherwise, it could bring plenty of ear problems even permanent hearing loss.


What can happen without wearing ear protection?

What can happen without wearing ear protection

Firstly it could damage the ear temporarily or permanently if you expose to extreme noise long time. Despite it can cause ear pain which is a most common sign of hearing damage. Somebody can also experience mild ear pain.


How much noise do earplugs block?

How much noise do earplugs block

A typical earplug can block NRR between 22 dB to 33 dB. These are usually for light use like bedroom use or outdoor. But if you require blocking extreme noise pc the heavy-duty earplugs.


Final words

In the end, we have discussed plenty of syndrome and situations so you can realize when you should wear ear protection. So if you experience any of the syndromes or work in that situation, and ear muffs or earplug is definitely recommended for you. Still, if you require further aid, consult with the audiologist for more advice based on your condition.

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